We develop customer-specific measuring systems, automation and software solutions for various industrial sectors.

Through continuous further development of our products, constant qualification of our employees and use of modern technologies, we are able to deliver demand-oriented top products.

Our measuring systems convince by their high accuracy, robustness and low operating costs. They require only low maintenance and are very durable.


Energy Storage

Quality Control System

Each measuring system can be expanded into a quality control system by adding hardware and software packages. In addition to the self-recorded measured values, thousands of production and quality data that are available in third-party systems can also be recorded and evaluated. This makes it possible to optimize processes and reduce costs. Complete documentation and transparent presentation of all relevant process and quality data at all decision-making levels lead to fast, targeted analyses and better process management.

Scope of services

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A wide range of sensors with different measurement methods are available for the non-contact measurement of various product properties. These include, for example, X-ray/beta-ray, chromatic-confocal, white-light interferometry and laser triangulation.
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Our standard range includes O-measuring frames, C-measuring frames and crossheads in various sizes and designs. All scanners are custom designed and manufactured. They require little maintenance and are very durable. A high proportion of standard components simplifies spare parts procurement and reduces costs.

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