Based on our gesco framework we develop technical software solutions for real-time and non-real-time applications.

The gesco framework is a collection of useful libraries with classes, utilities, simulation tools and an integrated development environment. It is fully object-oriented, developed in C++ and available on the Windows and Linux operating systems. The large proportion of standard source code and generatable source code significantly shortens development times and contributes decisively to the stability of the application software.

Manufacturing Execution System

Our MES solutions are designed for use in long and flat rolling mills. They include functions for planning and controlling production processes in real time. They also control the flow of materials and data and provide the necessary transparency. Its modular design and fully event-driven behavior make it easy to adapt and expand.

Customer benefits

  • Optimized production rate
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Reduced complaints
  • Improved transparency
  • Relieve of the operating staff

Gateway 4.0

A consolidation, preparation and presentation of all important production and quality data from one or more manufacturing processes form the basis for ensuring the quality of products, optimizing processes and finding potential cost savings. Complete documentation and transparent presentation of all relevant process and quality data at all decision-making levels lead to fast, targeted analyses and better process management.

The Gateway 4.0 is a cluster-capable system for collecting and processing process data in real time. The modular design allows adaptation to any application.


  • Up to 256 cluster nodes
  • Lowest sampling rate is 10 µs
  • Synchronized process data acquisition with an accuracy of 100 ns
  • Gateway has global main memory with all process variables
  • All nodes can write/read
  • Interface to field level via common methods 
  • Interface to process control/enterprise level via OPC, OPC-UA, TCP-IP

Roll Shop Management Systems

Roll shop management systems are essential in rolling mills. They support production planning and work preparation and thus make a decisive contribution to the efficiency enhancement and cost reduction.

Our roll shop management systems are tailored to the customers' needs. They provide functions to plan and control production processes concerning of rolls and tools.

Decision makers get reliable information in real-time. This enables them to make the right decisions and thereby to save costs and meet the delivery dates.

Due to its modular design and fully event-driven behavior, it is easy to modify and extend.

Due to standardized interfaces bidirectional data exchange with any PLC, gauge or other external device is possible. All information is stored in one central SQL database.